Slow Scrapbook: From the Earth

When exploring slow food and how to eat more sustainably, one of the best things you can do is to shop local and buy in season produce. What’s even better for the environment than buying local fruit and vegetables? Growing your own from scratch.

There’s something hugely satisfying about a garden to table meal. This means tucking into a lunch or dinner prepared using your own fresh ingredients, which have travelled no further than the length of your own garden and don’t come wrapped in plastic.

Slow living is an understanding that good things take time, and this is perfectly recognised in the act of harvesting produce that you’ve lovingly nurtured for months. Growing your own fruit and vegetables also encourages you to cook from scratch and become inventive if you’ve got an abundance of something. The slow, mindfulness of the veg patch permeates into the cooking and preservation process, inspiring us to make the most of our crop. Whether it’s courgette cake or mixed berry jam, the Great British garden offers endless possibilities.

This scrapbook celebrates the sustainability and beauty, yet imperfectness, of homegrown fruit and vegetables.

New potatoes and leafy greens, ready to be served up as seasonal sides.

The shapes of these beetroots, carrots and courgettes champion a love for wonky veg and natural produce.

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