Creative Ways to Keep Connected During a New Lockdown

Creative Ways to Keep Connected During a New Lockdown

It now feels odd to watch a film or old TV programme and see the actors embrace, shake hands or just stand within close proximity. This is the mark of just how much our human interaction has changed during 2020. We miss hugging our friends and loved ones, but with a new lockdown underway we have to look for other ways to keep in touch and share our affections.

It’s not going to be easy and for some, incredibly lonely once again, so we’ve rounded up some creative ways to reach out to those you miss and make them smile from afar. If you don’t fancy another round of Zoom quizzes, here’s to spreading the joy of receiving some good old fashioned snail mail.

Send some #PositivePost

During the first lockdown Bookblock developed #PositivePost which sees you choose a free illustrated postcard to send to someone you love. You only pay for the postage and at the same time are invited to make a donation to NHS Charities Together. The brand set out to raise £5,000 but they’ve actually raised over £30,000. The postcards are funny, witty and thoughtful, perfectly capturing what we’ve all been doing to fill our time. They’re a sweet way to send a thoughtful message to someone you care about, all while supporting frontline staff.

Send a Subscription Box

There are so many brilliant subscription boxes out there. From craft to cheese and gardening, gifting someone a subscription box (even as a one off) is a lovely way to show someone you’re thinking of them. Plus, if it’s craft or activity related, you’re giving them something new to turn their hand to. And even better, if you buy from sites like Etsy and Not on the High Street you’re usually helping to support small businesses.

Send a Seed Card

Clever makers have developed a way to incorporate plant or flower seeds into the paper of a greetings card. The recipient will be able to plant the card, sit back and wait for something to grow. These lockdown inspired designs are from Summer Lane Studio.

Send a Magazine

When we’re thinking about all things analogue, we can’t skip the joy in leafing through a good magazine. We recently rounded up some of the best slow living magazines, including many from independent publishers. These are thick, high-quality magazines like Cereal or Suitcase Magazine and will offer your friend some inspiration or escapism.

Send Real Photos

In the digital age we all take heaps of photos and many of these are soon lost to the depths of our phone’s camera roll. How many photos do you get around to printing these days? In the past, you’d try to make every shot count as it would use up some of your precious limited film. Then, you’d excitedly thumb through your freshly printed snaps, not knowing what the outcome might be. If you’re missing a friend, why not print some old photos and send them their way? Or, why not print some more recent photos or use a Polaroid to share updates with older relatives who may be less tech-savvy.

There are plenty of creative ways to stay in touch when you’re far from the ones you wish could be nearer to. Slow living is all about those small moments and in these times, a little extra thought goes a long way.

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