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Slow Living LDN. is a slow and sustainable living content resource created and edited by Beth, a digital marketing manager and award-winning writer.

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How did Slow Living LDN. come about?

A message from the editor…

During a trip to my favourite corner of Devon, I realised I’d lost my mojo. I’d been working in London for a year and a half, committing to long hours, rush hour tubes and pricey rent. As I stared through the windows, listening to the sound of the waves drift in, I felt tired and lacking creativity. I wondered how people felt about the London rat race after five, let alone, ten years. How did burnout come to mean success? Why are we fixated with glorying busy

There’s always something to do in the capital – it’s one of the reasons why it’s a great place to live – but it’s very difficult to just ‘be’. Or, is it? While slowing down for a few days by the coast, I noticed that, to an extent, my fatigue was self-induced. Then, after a trip to Copenhagen cemented my love for Scandi design and the Nordic lifestyle, I decided it was time to apply some slow living, lagom-style principles to my own city existence.

With this realisation and new purpose, Slow Living LDN. was born. And since then, I’ve been sharing ideas around how to live better, rather than faster in the modern era. But, that’s not all. Soon, it became evident that our fast pace of life wasn’t just damaging our own wellbeing, but that of the planet. When we’re rushing we’re not allowing ourselves to make conscious, considered decisions.

Today,  Slow Living LDN. shares sustainable lifestyle inspiration, both for the planet and for ourselves. That means everything from London’s zero waste shops to slow tech and travel inspiration. In short, great things happen when we slow down!

During 2019, we’re focusing on A Year of Living Slower – 12 monthly challenges that encourage us to live better, rather than faster. We’d love for you to get involved on Instagram. If you’re just beginning to discover the slow living movement, get started by reading what slow living means to Slow Living LDN.

Slow Living LDN. stands for

  • Living better, not faster by making conscious, considered decisions that prioritise our own wellbeing and that of the planet.
  • Saying no to the glorification of busy and a single definition of what it means to be successful.


That Scandinavian Feeling: Slow Living Guide to London & Beyond


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