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    About Slow Living LDN.

    Slow Living LDN. is an inspiring content resource that helps people live better, rather than faster in the digital age.

    The idea for Slow Living LDN. came after the editor, Beth, realised she’d lost her mojo and all creativity after working in London for about a year and a half. Surrounded by tired faces on the tube, it seemed apparent that success had become equal to burnout and we are now obsessed with glorifying busy. After reflecting on ways to destress and pursue a more balanced lifestyle in London, it became evident to Beth that our fast pace of life wasn’t just damaging our own wellbeing, but that of the planet. When we’re rushing we’re not allowing ourselves to make conscious, considered decisions.

    Now,  Slow Living LDN. shares sustainable lifestyle inspiration, both for the planet and for ourselves. That means everything from London’s zero waste shops to slow tech and travel inspiration. In short, great things happen when we slow down!

  • We believe in

    living better, not faster

    We believe in championing making conscious, considered decisions that prioritise our own wellbeing and that of the planet. We strive to say no to the glorification of busy and a single definition of what it means to be successful. We try to celebrate today, rather than always anticipating tomorrow.
  • We believe in

    meaningful content

    Slow Living LDN. strives to write inspiring and meaningful content that can help readers reflect and slow down. We share stories on everything from London's quiet spots, slow travel destinations, sleep, digital minimalism and sustainability.
  • What is slow living?

    What is slow living?

    New to the concept of slow living? Discover the Slow Living LDN. definition of slow living in a fast-paced world.

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