A Year of Living Slower, October: Slow & Sustainable

A Year of Living Slower, October: Slow & Sustainable

During the past nine months we’ve explored a range of thought-provoking themes around slow living. From the benefits of slow travel and reconnecting with nature to improving sleep quality, digital minimalism and embracing slow Sundays, we’ve discussed small lifestyle changes that help us live better, not faster.

Why are we so interested in slowing down? We believe that good things happen when you’re not rushing. You have time to make more considered decisions – not just for yourself, but for the planet. The link between slow living and sustainability starts with recognising that you are the architect of how you spend your time and money.

Living More Sustainably

From where you source your food to the clothes you wear and the things you throw away, working out how to reduce your environmental impact can be a daunting task and there’s a lot of pressure to become perfectly eco-friendly overnight. Chelsea from Low Waste Plant Based calls this ‘low waste perfectionism’. And it’s a good way to frame it. Why? When leading a busy life, it’s unrealistic to expect to be completely sustainable at all times – even if that’s what we should strive for. There will inevitably be days where we just can’t make it to the plastic-free store or we forget our reusable coffee cup. Plus, there’s a lot to focus on. But, isn’t it better to do your best most of the time and slip occasionally, than to not bother at all? Each time you shop and support certain products, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

The banning of straws and introduction of the plastic bag tax highlight that changing consumer habits is possible if we demonstrate the right demand and are bold enough to impose the right restrictions. New studies are showing that interest is growing in sectors such as organic produce, organic beauty products and fashion. Recently, 62,000 people in the UK signed up for Oxfam’s Second Hand September campaign to raise awareness about the impact of the fashion industry.

During October we’ll be sharing ideas and inspiration for living more sustainably in London and beyond. We hope that this month will inspire you to make small lifestyle changes for the benefit of the planet, and ultimately, yourself.

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“Change is coming, whether you like it or not.”

Greta Thunberg

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