A Year of Living Slower, November: Slow Living & Self-Care

A Year of Living Slower, November: Slow Living & Self-Care

If you’ve been following A Year of Living Slower, you’ll know that we’ve reached the penultimate month of our year-long challenge in slow living. Over the past ten months we’ve explored a range of themes that encourage us to slow down and prioritise our own well-being, while making more conscious decisions for the benefit of the environment.

We’ve discussed slow travel, sustainability and slow food, as well as sleep, digital minimalism and the power of getting outdoors. Each theme has encouraged us to live better, not faster in an age of 24/7 digital connection and rapid technological advancement. This month’s challenge pulls upon many threads we’ve already woven into other themes. From morning rituals to meditation, self-care has featured throughout. But now, it’s time to give it the limelight.

Slowing Down for Self-Care

Today’s fast-paced world is not only rapid, but often instant. Breaking news spreads like wildfire lighting up millions of devices simultaneously, while a payment can be made with just a tap of a card, phone or even watch. Tiny screens rule our interactions and intrude, day and night, with notifications of yet another work email. This always-on culture blurs the line between home and work, while social media breeds comparison tendencies and the anxiety of missing out.

In November, we challenge you to reclaim your time from what slow living thought leader Carl HonorĂ© so eloquently calls our ‘cult of speed’. While we’re not anti speed and progress, at the heart of slow living is the idea that faster isn’t always better or more productive.

Self-Care and Slow Living means…

  • Slowing down to be present and enjoy mindful moments
  • Rejecting the glorification of busy
  • Realising that taking a break can be more productive in the long run
  • Knowing that self-care doesn’t have to cost the earth (if anything at all!)

Ready to press pause? Before the frenzy of Christmas commences (we’ve got plans for that, too), let’s take a moment to explore how the slow living mindset can encourage more moments of self-care in our fast-moving lifestyles.

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