A Year of Living Slower, December: Slow Christmas

A Year of Living Slower, December: Slow Christmas

Whether you can believe it or not, it’s December! It’s not just the last month of the year, it’s also the final month of A Year of Living Slower, our 12 month challenge in living better, not faster.

The challenge began as a reaction to lofty and unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. As a result, the past eleven months have explored a variety of different slow living-inspired topics. Each aimed to encourage us to make smaller, more achievable lifestyle changes for the benefit of our own well-being and that of the environment. Here’s a reminder of the themes we’ve featured in the challenge so far:

Understanding the link between slow living and meaningful self care and slow living and sustainability offers further motivation for slowing down, while other months such as January’s theme of good sleep and June’s focus on digital minimalism have equipped us with the tools and inspiration to do so. As we come to the end of the year-long challenge, it’s a good opportunity to revisit past themes and see what changes you’d like to take forward into a new year.

Dreaming of a Slow Christmas

Since it’s December, we’re using the last month of A Year of Living Slower to share inspiration around how to embrace a slower festive season. With financial pressures, inescapable commercialism, the wrapping up of work projects and jam-packed diaries, the most wonderful time of the year can quite quickly turn into one of the most stressful. There’s also the added pressure of creating the perfect Christmas, as depicted in cheesy movies and festive greetings cards.

With most of us having (often compulsory) annual leave over Christmas, it’s the ideal time to slow down, reflect and recharge. Rather than rushing to pack in as much as possible into this longer-than-usual break, we’re sharing ideas around how to savour the true joy of Christmas; getting together with loved ones and enjoying traditions, both new and old. What’s more, we’ll be reflecting on how to have a more sustainable Christmas.

Join us during the final month of #AYearOfLivingSlower and start the new year equipped with ideas around how to live better, rather than faster.

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