A Year of Living Slower, July: Slow Living and Seeing Things Differently

A Year of Living Slower, July: Slow Living and Seeing Things Differently

Welcome back to A Year of Living Slower. We are officially halfway through having completed six separate challenges. The next few months are set for more interesting and thought-provoking topics around living better, not faster, including sustainability and slow living in the city. At the halfway point, we reflect on the challenge so far and introduce July’s intriguing theme of ‘seeing things differently’.

We kicked off A Year of Living Slower with the basics in Januarytips for a calm bedtime ritual to improve sleep quality. In February, we focused on putting the slow back into sundays and making time for ourselves before the week begins. For March‘s challenge, we explored about slow food and seasonal eating. The year-long challenge turned to the power of getting back to nature in April. And then in May, we shared tips and inspiration around the theme of slow travel, from practising the art of slow looking to London day trips. Finally in June, we focused on slow tech and Cal Newport’s digital minimalism – a framework to manage our relationship with our phones so that they remain a tool, rather than a distraction.

Seeing things differently in July

The enthusiasm for making change and setting goals that flows in January and the spring has most likely waned as we reach the halfway point of the year. We’ve settled comfortably into our routines and are prone to exclaiming, “time flies!” or “can you believe it’s already July?”, while perhaps internally lamenting inside that we’re not where we hoped we’d be at this point.

The focus for A Year of Living Slower was and continues to be an alternative to unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that we forget or give up with soon after we’ve made them. In July, we revitalise our impetus for achievable change by seeing things (the everyday) differently. We’ll focus on switching off autopilot to become more mindful and exploring how small changes to our routines can lead to larger changes, or perhaps, just a boosted joie de vivre.

In July, we take inspiration from Van Gogh, who is quoted to have said, “great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”.

Join us for July’s challenge to become more mindful and thrive from the impact of small changes.

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