A Year of Living Slower, April: Slow Living & Getting Outdoors

A Year of Living Slower, April: Slow Living & Getting Outdoors

We’re a quarter of the way through A Year of Living Slower, a challenge in living better, not faster. Throughout the year-long challenge, we explore twelve themes, inspired by the slow living movement.

We kicked off the year exploring the basics; the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Next, in February, we focused on putting the self-care back into Sundays. During March, we explored the roots of the slow food movement, from motivations for cooking from scratch to seasonal eating and London’s zero waste shops. It took the slow living movement one step further, not just focusing on ingredients and culinary heritage but also on food packaging and taking time to enjoy the food on our plates.

The Power of Getting Outdoors

With the first signs of Spring arriving, we turn our attention to April’s theme; slow living and getting outdoors.

This month seemed to be particularly tailored to city-dwellers, but in reality, it seems that getting more fresh air could be something we should all consider. It’s reported that UK adults spend 90% of their time indoors and 36% of parents don’t think their children spend enough time outdoors.

With this in mind, April’s challenge is about slowing down to reconnect with the reassuring pace and pattern of nature; a constant in our ever-changing world. We explore how getting outdoors can affect our happiness and mood and share some of London’s finest green spaces.

How are you finding the challenge so far? Use the hashtag #AYearOfLivingSlower on Instagram to share your experiences.

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